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In comparison to Mallorca or Majorca as it is known, Menorca is much smaller and much quieter, the distance between Menorca and Majorca is just 21 miles across the Mediterranean Sea.
Menorca is most known for its family nature, with family resorts, family beaches and water parks being an attraction for holiday makers.
Menorca also has some wonderful beaches along its coastline and has more beaches in total than both Majorca and Ibiza together.

Menorca's south coast is made up of mainly holiday resorts, while the north coast is filled with fishing villages and small towns, due to its rockier surfaces.

Menorca, unlike Majorca, doesn't have all the hustle and bustle that comes with holiday resorts, this is due to the islands relaxed and laid back atmosphere.
The small villages and peaceful beaches make for a relaxing and tranquil holiday.

Unlike the other Balearic Islands Menorca only has a holiday season from May - October, leaving its winter months free for residents to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and countryside.


Currency - Euro € (Euro)
Language - Spanish (Castellano)
Country - Spain (España)
Location - Balearic Islands
Electricity - 220 volts 50 Hz (round two pin plugs)
Time zone - GMT +1 (1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time)
Country dialing code - +34 (remember to drop the zero at the beginning of the telephone number)
Religion - Roman Catholic
Area covered - 700 sq km (270sqm)
Population - 92.000 approx

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